Antiracist Resources—click on the categories above

The site will collect resources that you can use for your teaching, to acknowledge and address the history, theory, and literature that can contextualize what has led to the activism in the US around racism in the summer of 2020. Choose a category and click around

Here is a lovely graphic of antiracist books, by @JaneMount, brought to us by the University of Missouri Libraries, along with info on the books themselves:
And a reminder from Safiya Noble, of a bunch of books one could read rather than asking a person of color to explain things to one:

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  1. Thank you SO much! I am a chairperson if English as FIU and have been preparing a statement for the last week. I’m on version 4 and the below is certainly the piece that I am missing!

    Very grateful for your efforts!

    All best,


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